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All about Joe's Speed Shop

Joe's Speed Shop would best be described as a state of mind, more than a geographic location. Joe's is Joe and Marsha Casto and we have been dealing in old, obsolete speed and hot rod parts since 1980, mostly at swap meets, street rod and custom events. Since my retirement in 1996, we have expanded our range to events like the Charlotte swap meet, L.A. Roadster Show, the Hot Rod Reunion in Bakersfield and the Street Rod Nats.
You may have noticed a discrepancy between the dates 1980 and our slogan--"Screwing up perfectly good cars since 1956". My first car was a '39 Chevy coupe which I got for a hundred and ten dollars and a double barrelled shot gun in 1956 when I was sixteen. According to my mother and the old-time mechanic I helped out on weekends, it really didn't need dual exhausts and the body nosed and decked, but I didn't let common sense slow me down then and things haven't gotten any better over the years.
As far as screwing up old cars, the first time I took my '32 Ford, three window out after finishing it in '79, (red paint, highboy, chrome, 6 '97s, big and littles, etc.), I was sitting in a 7/11 when this guy pulled up behind me, stared at my pride and joy for moment, then said "Wow, bud, you sure screwed up a nice old car that time, didn't you?". As you can imagine, that phrase stuck in my mind.
Over the last few years, good old stuff is getting harder to find and the appetite for forties, fifties and sixties cars has grown remarkably. We began manufacturing some products which fit in these eras. The first was the Champion gauge panels. The success of this project has enabled us to add new products as well as a line of t-shirts.
At this point, we divide our time between travel to events, work on products, shipping and occasionally working on our own hot rod & custom project cars. We would like say thanks for visiting our site and hope you find something to interest you.
Joe Casto

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The website is still under construction with more content to be added in the future!

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24701 Cowboy, Ponca City, Oklahoma 74601


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