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Joe's Speed Shop is the sole source of Okie Joe Axles, a product of American Axles LLC. The above photo illustrates a selection of our early Ford dropped axles.

Axle A is a 28-31 Model A Ford which has been stretch dropped 4 inches.

Axle B is a 32 Ford Heavy which has been stretch dropped 5 inches.

Axle C is a 32-36 Ford which has been stretch dropped 4 inches.

We can provide you with a dropped axle or we can drop your axle. Retail price to drop an axle is $250.00. Core charge for Model A is $50.00 and for 33-36 axles is $100.00. Core charge for a 32 Heavy is market value, presently around $400.00 (when available).

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All axles are straightened if necessary, kingpin bores are resized if needed, and all axles are Magnafluxed before shipping. We also can fill the ends of the axle for $150.00 and drill the center for $175.00. You have a choice of stretch drop or conventional drop. The difference is stretch drop maintains the original width within 1/8 of an inch, while a conventional drop shortens the axle approximately 3/4 of an inch per side. We can also drop 37-41 Ford axles, if needed. Below are pictures of axles that are conventional drops or Old Style drops. In the first picture the top one is a 4" dropped Model A. The next one is a 4" dropped 33-36 Ford axle. The third axle is a 4" dropped 32 heavy axle. The last one is a 5" dropped and drilled 32 heavy. We drill the 32's with 1" holes on 1 1/2" centers and the Model A's and 33-36's can be drilled with 7/8" holes on 1 3/8" centers. All holes are drilled with a vertical end mill using drill jigs to keep hole alignment and spacing exact. The next set of pictures are close ups of the bends and holes so that you can see the details more clearly.

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Below are pictures of a 34 Ford axle dropped to 5"

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